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What U.S.A. Flag Colors Mean:

Red stands for hardiness and courage.

White is the symbol of purity and innocence.

Blue is the color of vigilance, perserverence and justice.


USA Knobs

Your favorite source for cabinet hardware and household accessories "Made In The USA"!

Buy American! USA Knobs is the place to find USA Made products for your home.

At one time, USA Made products were the backbone of this country. But, over the years, too many of those great products that this country was built on have slowly been moved to other countries where they are manufactured cheaper and quicker. In doing that, many jobs have been lost and many businesses have failed.

This website is a work in progress gathering place of products manufactured in the USA by hardworking Americans.

If you're looking to change the cabinet knobs or pulls in your home or on your furniture or to change your switchplates, consider the fine products available to you through USA Knobs as we only sell products Made In The USA.

Thanks for looking and buying American!

This selection of decorative cabinet hardware knobs and pulls and household accessories that are "Made In The USA" are brought to you by USKnobs.

Manufacturers of American Products on this Site

Emenee EPCO
Glace Yar Laurey Sierra Lifestyles

Product Categories

Cabinet Pulls and Knobs
Outlet Covers and Switch Plates